I offer my clients effective technical writing and design expertise. When your internal and external communications are well written and designed in a way that connects to your audience, you get better results. Modern software programs provide you with powerful tools, but you need expertise to use them effectively. I can help. I specialize in writing and designing audience-centered communications.

My complete page design services add impact to your publications. Keeping your audience, purpose, and context in mind, I create effective designs that achieve their intended purposes.


Crafting your message through effective technical writing and design is an art and a science, and it can add to your bottom line. I provide marketing services and technical communication expertise to help you build a profitable business. I can help you target your message to the ideal audience and achieve your intended purpose.

Click on Contact Me, fill out the form, and request your free copy of The Life and Times of Four Magazines. This insightful white paper compares the page designs of four magazines and offers tips on creating your publications with solid design principles in mind.

To review writing and design samples of my work, please click on the portfolio link, select the type of sample you would like to review, and enter the password you received.


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